welcome to candyBox ® – ‘making learning fun!’

We combined functionality with educational content to make learning fun. Our apps are simple enough for children, powerful enough for adults, especially those interested in languages.

With our special thematic design everyone can find something useful & something they didn’t know before. For example:

– candyBox clock displays & says the time in a variety of ways

– candyBox piano let’s you play music, has a metronome & pre-installed melodies

– candyBox calculator is a real calculator that also speaks the numbers & results

This thematic design uses our special candyBox colours, clean lines & intuitive features. There are no distractions. Through real functionality we provide a foundation for colours, numbers, alphabet, shapes, maths & vocabulary. This is equally useful for adults learning new languages as for children discovering the world around them. candyBox apps stimulate hand-eye-ear coordination & encourage creativity.

Throughout the candyBox series we use shapeAbet ®, the shape-based alphabet, invented by us. shapeAbet catches the structure of letters as geometrical shapes to help develop cognitive skills.

Our candyBox test team includes professional specialists & real children; special thanks to Athina, Ana, Zoe & Mark. We study how they use apps; they tell us what they like & don’t like, we pay attention to things they find easy or difficult to understand. We involve them in the design process & with their help we developed the candyBox features.

As a result our apps are interesting, colourful & brilliantly simple to use.

The apps don’t have instructions, as discovery is part of the fun.